Another appeals court rejects Donald Trump’s travel ban

“EVEN for the president”, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said on June 12th, immigration policy “is not a one-person show”. By a 3-0 vote, the court refused to lift a Hawaii judge’s stay on Donald Trump’s revised order banning travel from six mostly Muslim countries. The decision in State of Hawaii v Trump is the latest in a string of judicial defeats for Mr Trump’s efforts to limit access to America—most recently, on May 25th, at the hands of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. But today’s ruling is less sweeping than the Fourth Circuit’s and modifies the lower-court’s stay in important ways. With the president’s March 6th executive order (a follow-up to his stymied order of January 27) now in the hands of the Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit decision adds new wrinkles that may weaken Mr Trump’s chances of reviving his travel restrictions.

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