Donald Trump and the law

“THERE’S frankly no need for a special prosecutor,” the White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, told journalists on May 15th. He was responding to concerns about the independence of investigations into Russia’s efforts to influence the election last November, with alleged assistance from members of Donald Trump’s campaign team. Yet on May 17th the Justice Department announced that it had exercised its prerogative to appoint just such an independent investigator. The main Russia probe, run by the FBI, will be handed to a respected former FBI director, Robert Mueller (pictured), in the role of special counsel. He will be empowered to run the investigation, and press charges, as he sees fit.

This is a terrible blow for Mr Trump. The president has said Russian spies did not meddle in the election, though America’s intelligence agencies say they did, and that there was no collusion between his advisers and the Russians. He has called the FBI investigation a…Continue reading

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