George Soros runs the gauntlet

No friend of autocrats, either

IN “MASQUERADE”, Tivadar Soros’s memoir of Nazi-occupied Budapest, he describes how he procured false IDs for fellow Jews, including his 14-year-old son George. The elder Soros’s approach to the forgeries is enlightening. With wealthy clients, he “asked for whatever the market would bear”. From the desperate he made nothing: “I felt that I was just a little responsible for everyone.” George posed as the godson of an official who conducted inventories of confiscated Jewish estates. “Without risks,” his father says of a time when each day was a life-or-death gamble, “there’s no life.”

An appetite for risk made George Soros a billionaire, but also made him enemies, as has his congenital philanthropy. In recent months these resentments have reached a new, alarming pitch. Two strands of criticism, in America and abroad, seem to have fused, a confluence epitomised by a pair of obscure letters sent by Republican…Continue reading

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