The ousting of Anthony Scaramucci will not restore order to the White House

IN THE 64 years during which American presidents have appointed national security advisers, nobody had less time in the post than Donald Trump’s first pick: Michael Flynn, who left in February after just 24 brutal, scandal-filled days. In the 71 years since Harry Truman made John Steelman the first White House chief of staff, nobody except Pete Rouse—an interim choice of Barack Obama’s—had a shorter stint than Reince Priebus, who resigned last Thursday after just over six months.

Even by those standards, Anthony Scaramucci’s tenure as White House communications director was brief: he was ousted in the afternoon of July 31st, his eleventh day.

Mr Priebus’s dismissal seemed almost inevitable. He is a mild-mannered Wisconsinite unrelated to the president who rose through Republican party ranks and urged Mr Trump to drop out of the presidential race after a tape surfaced in which the then-candidate boasted that he grabbed women’s genitals. But Mr Scaramucci is much Trumpier. A nattily dressed, self-made tycoon from…Continue reading

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