The Trump administration still has the power to wreak havoc on Obamacare

REPUBLICANS’ latest efforts to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama’s health care law, failed in the Senate on the night of July 27th. Three of their Senators—Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowksi  of Alaska and John McCain of Arizona—joined all 48 Democrats to vote down “skinny” repeal (see article).  The amendment was the last option available after the Senate earlier rejected both the fuller bill crafted by Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader, also the total defunding of Obamacare sought by those on the right of the party. With all three options voted down, the legislative effort to repeal Obamacare looks over for now.

Democrats rejoiced at the news. But is Republicans’ cause dead? Yesterday, they announced that they would seek tax reform, their next priority, through “regular order”, under which bills require 60 votes to avoid a filibuster in the…Continue reading

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